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 Monday 30 March  Tuesday 31 March Poster programme

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Tuesday 31 March

08:30 Registration and refreshments
Location: Parkinson Court  

Wohlfarth Lecture
(invited) Shedding light on artificial ferroic systems
Laura Heyderman, ETH Zürich - Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland (Wohlfarth Lecturer)
Location: Michael Sadler Building, Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre


Refreshments, exhibition and posters
Location: Parkinson Court

  Session 9: Domain walls
Location: Michael Sadler Building, Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre
Chair: Dan Allwood

  Session 10: Bio and organic magnetism
Location: Michael Sadler Building, Room LG10
Chair: Alan Drew

10:30 Control of domain wall depinning fields in nanowires using induced uniaxial anisotropy
Andrew W Rushforth, University of Nottingham, UK

  (invited) Chemical compass magnetoreception: how migratory birds might navigate
Peter Hore, University of Oxford, UK
10:45 2D control of field-driven magnetic bubble movement using Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions
Rhodri Mansell, University of Cambridge, UK

11:00 Imaging the equilibrium state and magnetisation dynamics of hard disk write heads
Rob A J Valkass, University of Exeter, UK

  Manipulation of the photoluminescence of C60 via ferromagnetic resonance
May C Wheeler, University of Leeds, UK
11:15 Strain control of domain wall creep motion in Pt/Co/Pt and Pt/Co/Ir/Pt thin films
Philippa Shepley, University of Leeds, UK

  Patterning biologically controlled magnetic nanoparticle arrays: it’s a fine line
Scott  M Bird, University of Sheffield, UK
11:30 Finding energy barriers of skyrmionic configuration in ferromagnetic nanodisks and nanotracks
David Cortés-Ortuño, University of Southampton, UK

  Manipulating the magnetic properties of molecular/ non-magnetic transition metal interfaces
Fatma Al Ma'Mari, University of Leeds, UK
11:45 Thermally-induced stochastic domain wall dynamics in Ni80Fe20 nanowires
Tom J Hayward, University of Sheffield, UK
  Unexpected antiferromagnetic exchange coupling between a Cr-porphyrin and a bare cobalt substrate
Jan Nowakowski, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

12:00 Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in perpendicularly magnetized thin films
Ales Hrabec, University of Leeds, UK
  Observation of antiferromagnetic coupling at organic semiconductor/ferromagnetic interfaces
Andrew Pratt, University of York, UK


Lunch, exhibition and posters
Location: Parkinson Court

  Session 11: Dynamics
Location: Michael Sadler Building, Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre
Chair: Alexy Karenowsks

  Session 12: Artificial spin ice
Location: Michael Sadler Building, Room LG10
Chair: Lesley Cohen

13:15 (invited) Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy: from ultralow power spintronics to cancer therapy
Russell Cowburn, University of Cambridge, UK (IEEE distinguished Lecturer)
  Thermal behaviour study of an artificial magnetic quasi-crystal
Dong Shi, University of Leeds, UK

13:30   The propagation of magnetic domain walls in interconnected artificial spin ice structures
David M Burn, Imperial College London, UK

13:45 Energy efficient Thermally Induced Magnetization Switching by tailoring the electron and phonon dynamics
Thomas Ostler, University of York, UK

  Lorentz transmission electron microscopy study of three dimensional artificial spin ice 
Solveig Felton, Queen's University Belfast, UK
14:00 Electrical manipulation of a ferromagnet by an antiferromagnet
Vahe Tshitoyan, University of Cambridge, UK

  Speckle dynamics in artificial spin ice
Sophie Morley, University of Leeds, UK
14:15 Enhancing the magneto-optical Kerr effect with a near field plasmonic antenna
Thomas H J Loughran, University of Exeter, UK
  Low temperature behaviour of honeycomb artificial spin ice
Katharina Zeissler, Imperial College London, UK

14:30 Thermally induced magnetization switching in Gd/Fe multilayers
Chudong Xu, University of York, UK
  Micromagnetic studies of nanostructure gadolinium
Matthew McMullan, Queen's University Belfast, UK

14:45 Element- and site-resolved magnetization dynamics in a YIG/Cu/Co trilayer measured by x-ray detected ferromagnetic resonance
Leigh R Shelford, University of Exeter, UK
  End of session


Refreshment break

Location: Parkinson Court

  Session 13: Magnonics
Location: Michael Sadler Building, Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre
Chair: Robert Stamps

  Session 14: Magnetic structure and properties
Location: Michael Sadler Building, Room LG10
Chair: Christy Kinane

15:30 Coupling of magnetisation dynamics and heat currents
Thomas Bose, University of York, UK

  (invited) The dynamics of a quantum spin liquid
John Chalker, University of Oxford, UK
15:45 Ferromagnetic resonance of patterned chromium dioxide thin films grown by selective area chemical vapour deposition
Chris Durrant, University of Exeter, UK

16:00 Long-range coupling between magnets using magnon quantum electrodynamics
Nicholas J Lambert, University of Cambridge, UK

  Designed magnetic systems based on the 2D-XY ferromagnet
Aidan T Hindmarch, Durham University, UK
16:15 Exploring spin-wave systems at the single magnon level
Alexy D Karenowska, University of Oxford, UK
  α-CoV2O6 a prototype Ising antiferromagnet on a zigzag ladder
Jonathan Alaria, University of Liverpool, UK

16:30 Towards graded-index magnonics: Steering spin waves in magnonic networks
Carl S Davies, University of Exeter, UK

  Core/shell magnetism in NiO nanoparticles
Adrian Ionescu, University of Cambridge, UK
16:45 Curved magnonic waveguides based on domain walls
Pablo Borys, University of Glasgow, UK
  Disentangling the spin and orbital moments in the heavy fermion system CeRu2Al10 using polarised x-rays
Philip R Dean, Durham University, UK

17:00  Closing remarks    Closing remarks 
17:05 Conference close